Episode 7

On this episode of the Inner Strength Podcast we welcome featured guest Tom Sawyer.  Tom took to booze and drugs early in life exploring alcoholic binges in his teens, even landing in Alcoholics Anonymous before he was legal to drink alcohol. In spite of his apparent efforts to the contrary, he got clean and sober at age twenty two, finishing college with a degree in psychology and went on to become and alcohol and drug abuse counselor. But being an ambitious budding workaholic, he went on to get a master’s degree in business, growing in that success to the top tier of corporate America decades later. 

Not surprisingly, society loves workaholics and he was rewarded with more work to do, ultimately leading back to an opiate fueled relapse after twenty-two years clean and sober. Consequently, Tom found himself having to reinvent himself, his sobriety, and his whole outlook on life at fifty years old. To his own astonishment he did just that, and Ripcord Recovery is where he chronicled his path.  The results were to profound to go undocumented. This episode Tom talks about what some may see as a controversial treatment to overcome his addictions.

Links: https://ripcordrecovery.com/

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