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Episode 1:

On this episode of the Inner Strength Podcast Brandon Mantz joins host Tim Hollenback. Brandon shares his story with us about being strong through a life changing spinal cord injury. Brandon talks about his strength and faith. This episode is sure to inspire you.
To connect with Brandon on social media @bmantz3 and to learn more about his work with Generous Coffee https://generousmovement.com/

Episode 2:

This episode of the Inner Strength Podcast features Kayla Olson. She is studying to be a nurse and has a strong passion for helping people in need. Kayla has taken this passion across the world. This episode will truly inspire you as Kayla shares her story and lets you know how you can help her on her next mission trip. For information on how to help in Kayla’s cause, message her at 414-881-5411.

Links: funds2orgs.com   vida.com

Episode 3:

This episode of the Inner Strength Podcast features an interview with acclaimed mentor and public speaker, Iram Gilani. Iram has released her first book ‘Silent No More: An Intimate Portrait of How Trauma Affects Us All.’ The self-published book by the Pakistani American author explores the suffering and survival of trauma, how it affects us all, and how we can deal with it. In this amazing interview Iram shares her candid story with us and offers tool in dealing with trauma. visit https://iramgilani.com/

Episode 4:

This episode of the Inner Strength Podcast features Barbara Braendlien.

Barbara is an urban farm wife in the Pacific Northwest. She home schools her four children, and her stories draw on their experiences living with mitochondrial disease. She has authored a book called Olive. Olive is a thoughtful, enchanting look into the mind of a non-verbal, medically fragile girl. Through her eyes, we see the struggle of growing up without words and with a body that has to work hard for every triumph, and yet triumph she does. In Olive, we are reminded that sometimes all it takes is one person for you to never be alone again. We talk about Barbara’s book and life. This is truly an inner strength story that will inspire. Learn more about Barbara visit: https://barbarabraendlein.com/

Episode 5:

On this episode of the Inner Strength podcast we welcome Jeff Rasley. Jeff is the author of ten books and has published numerous articles in academic and mainstream periodicals, including Newsweek, Chicago Magazine, ABA Journal, and many more. He is the founder of the Basa Village Foundation, president of the Indianapolis Scientech Club, and currently serves as a director for five nonprofit corporations. Jeff shares his stories and his thought behind his most current book, “You have to get lost before you can be found.” This episode is a fun conversation about creating a positive life. To learn more about Jeff visit http://www.jeffreyrasley.com/

Episode 6

On this episode of the Inner Strength Podcast we welcome guest Amber Gale. Amber is a corporate professional, business owner, advocate, speaker, wife, mother, writer, board member. When her second child was born with life-threatening special needs, it became clear to her that parents of medical and special needs children are often overwhelmed and undersupported. We discuss combining her corporate planning skills with the love of her family as she embarked on a mission to make a difference. In 2020, Amber launched a time management program designed to help those who are on complex parenting journeys manage their schedules and priorities. Links: http://ambergale.com/ https://moreforcaregivers.org/ http://www.aaronandambersfamily.com/

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